Thursday, 29 November 2012


Salam semua..

entri kali ni olyn uploadkan gambar2 dari GLAM Dinner yang diadakan malam Ahad yang lalu di Westin Hotel KL.Malam yang sangat GLAM khas untuk GREEN LEADERS ACADEMY GROUP..

Memetik dari ucapan pengasas GLAM,CDM Hanis Haizi,

'here in Green Leaders Group
we learn from the bad & good experiences,

and we try to make it better

we are still young,& we are always learning& we can  never be perfect'

So,my friends out there, come & be part of GLAM & we will guide you how to generate more income!

p/s:cash rebate RM1500 will end up soon this end if Dec 2012.Grab RM4500 instead of RM3000!

call/whatsapp Olyn

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