Friday, 8 February 2013

Why i choose to wear PB in 2007?

Hi all,

for this entry,olyn will write in English as today i received an email from Saudi's customer, who asked for PB..ya..thats the power of online business.Your business run 24/7 & can be viewed from every country in this world.

Today,i received an Angpau from my Chinese friend.He doesnt know that im married with 2 kids.Thats why he gave me Angpau.When i told him i already married, he was shocked.He asked me how i can mantained my body after having 2 kids.

Well believe me readers,before married during my single life,im a skinny woman with no 'bumper' in front or back..haha u understand what i means..with my 166cm height,people used to call me Popeye's girlfriend.

But back in 2007, my sister in law introduced me to PB.I straight away bought as during that time i have a very bad period pain.PB is mainly created with Far infrared ray (FIR) that can help to balance our hormone,reduce period pain,maximise our metabolisme, good for those who are conceive,reduce the migrain,shaping our body,support our back etc.Click here to know more about PB

After a year wearing PB,my period pain already gone,plus my breast & buttock seem well shaped..haha..

& now after 6 years wearing PB & having 2 kids,i feel very happy that i can still have this curvylicious body.I'm wearing PB everyday during my working hours even during my exercise time.I'm soooo happy i can have a flat tummy which i think the hardest part to maintain.

Those who are too skinny,without shape or who are having period pain,white discharge,in confinement or with whatever reason, you cAn call/email/whatsapp olyn

H/P: 0163542963

Guess which one is me?

Me with my 2 kids
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