Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Waist Nipper Premium Beautiful

Hi all,

Share with you the features & how to wear waist nipper.Those with big waist & tummy,get one today..


  • Supports waist and spine with 7 alloy steel to correct postures.

  • Pushes fat from waist to breasts and hips by unique ergonomic design to achieve waving contour.

  • Reshapes waist line with imported waistband from Japan.

  • Stretchable design helps to achieve expanding effect.

  • Slimming with 3 pairs of hook-and-eye.

  • Decorative diamond butterfly pattern further enhances the elegance of the product.

Wearing Guide

Move the waist nipper to the front left, hook the top and bottom and then hook the rest from bottom to top.
Check the central line.

Cross strings at back, tighten while taking deep breath.

Conduct self-check.

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