Monday, 8 April 2013

Ultrasonic Hair Treatment by Number76 Salon

Hye Ladies,

semalam olyn nampak picture from Instagram Hanis Zalikha,top blogger,actress & pengacara yang cantik tu,gambar dia lepas buat treatment rambut & she called it Magic Treatment.

She claimed that this treatment makes hair feel soft & smooth.Kebetulan my hair also beed rawatan khas..haha,so i decided to go & try it today.

Number 76,that is the name of the salon.Ada 3 cawangan:Mont kiara,Midvalley Northpoint & Bangsar.

Olyn pergi yang di Midvalley.Layanan dia bagus, the hairstylist also give a good explanation on the treatment.

Treatment tak lama,complete within 30 mins,memang diffrent from normal hair treatmnt.Use cold iron,Japan they also give me free hair essence to apply after 2 weeks.

Tengoklah gambar2 kat sini ek..Try la this treatment cos olyn pun dah jatuh cinta.

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