Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Confession of a Housewife

Hi All,

Kali ni my entry sangat la special. Entry ni khas untuk semua surirumah & all of us.. Like a inspiration story la.

Cerita tentang my Top Great Clebrity Leader aka Founder of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM), CDM Hanis Haizi. Pengakuan seorang surirumah who now become a millionaire within 3 years. How she do it? For full entry, can read here

'As you all know I used to be a housewife. Lepas graduate, I malas nak kerja. Coz at that time I was pregnant. Dah nak dekat 7 bulan time tu, so I tot maybe i just relax je kat rumah. plus memang confirm la x de org nak hire pregnant women kan. I really enjoy my first pregnancy. Boleh bangun tido sesuka atii akuu..

Then tup tup... hariz pun selamat dilahirkan. Becoming a mother is not easy. Tambah2 si hariz at that time x nak tido malam!! Oh noo... macam mana nak masuk kerja kalau macam ni? Plus i'm fully Breastfeed him.. so i tot maybe i could give myself a break for 6 months maybe?? hubby agreed.

Duk rumah, is the bestest thing ever! Yes! you boleh bangun sukati pukul berapa u nak, pakai baju tido pagi petang siang malam. No one bother. I enjoy staying at home walaupun gaji i at that time 3 angka sajork. uhukkk

dulu pekerjaan suri rumah ku ini dipandang hina

as time goes by, hariz dah masuk 7-8-9 bulan.. Hubby tanya bila u nak kerja? Now i dah memang takde mood langsung nak kerja. Kepala hotak aku dah mula berkarat. And term2 engineering pun sudah ku lupakan. Oh no. Macam mana nak masuk kerja ni??
And the next thing i know.. hariz is already 1 years old.. Me? Still stuck at home with no progress. Except jadi mak. The truth is I MEMANG MALAS NAK KERJA. I malas nak bangun awal2 pagi, redah jam. I don't like to work for people. I malas nak buat benda yang sama tiap2 hari.It is just not me. '
Is it sound familiar to your story gals?
Let me show you how Hanis Haizi sekarang.

Her latest Beemer F10

                                  She is my TOP CELEBRITY LEADER


Well gals,

 if u want to know how she make it to be a millionaire in just 3 years & how I just follow her GLAMbiz plan & can achieved more like FREE trip to Seoul in just 7 months,

 call/ whatsapp me 016 3542963
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