Friday, 19 July 2013


HOLA Beautifuls!

Apakah itu GLAM?Macam pernah dengar kan? But I'm not referring to the GLAM magazine tau ;) 

So what is GLAM?

Olyn refer to Green Leaders Academy Malaysia. GLAM is a group of young entrepreneurs that using Social Media as a medium to run our business.

Million thanks to our founder, Hanis Haizi & Razali Zain for the brilliant idea.  Hanis Haizi has started this business in 2009 (from just plain housewife) by using the social media & she has transformed into a millionaire just after a few years. Isn't great?


Today, GLAM is the leading pioneer in online marketing in Malaysia. Not only we are all over Malaysia, but we have expanded into GLAM QatarGLAM United Kingdom,GLAM Singapore & GLAM Brunei. So our representative is everwhere!

For people that had been following my blog or FB (Thanks so much!), olyn dah 9 month++  doing this business with GLAM. Alhamdulillah, quite no of achievement under GLAM. 

Im a mom of 2, an engineer & im doing this business secara part time. If sebelum ni, peoples said it is hard to do the second job because of time limited, but i can do it with GLAM. Because cara GLAM yang sangat mudah but  yet proven.

Banyak kelebihan memulakan businerss dengan GLAM. Salah satunya you get 4 incomes in stead of 1 income. Plus the bonus yang sangat besar ( first bonus je RM3,000 ++ okey), marketing plan yang sangat simple, Free Oversea Trip 3 x setahun ( & my first trip as GLAMprenuer is to SEOUL,KOREA. Olyn akan pergi bersama GLAMprenuers yang lain bulan SEptember ini), Elaun kereta secara cash setiap bulan, Branded reward from the founder etc..Ha, banyakkan kelebihan menjadi GLAMprenuer ni.

Antara pencapaian yang olyn dah capai sepanjang 9 bulan menjadi GLAMprenuer, klik sini

Oleh itu, lets start generate extra income with GLAM

Call/whatsapp olyn 016 3542963 

Remember, apa yang kita pilih akan mencorak hasil yang akan datang.

CHOOSE the RIGHT group. 

Choose GLAM.

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