Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Aidilfitri 2013 Meriah!

Hye Beautifuls!

Hows your Raya?I believed everyone enjoying this Hari Raya celebration.

For me,personally,this Raya is very special as  im not only celebrate it with my family but with my business partners & also my old time friends.
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Petang Raya..Prepare food Raya for Takbir Team 
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Among the Home made Raya Dishes
Night of Raya,Takbir team came

Alhamdulillah,time flies fast as i already 10 months doing this PB business.With extra income from this business, im very happy can spend more for my parents & kids on the preparation for Raya.
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First Day of Syawal.My kids with my parents & my grandma

This year,me & kids with the Orange Theme.

My family

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3rd of Syawal,visited my biz leader & my partner

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4th day of Syawal,do makan2 at my house

5th day of Syawal,Raya plus reunion with my old school mates.

Plus,i am happy that i can give 'Angpau Raya' to the elders ( aunty,nenek2 etc) during my Raya visit to their house.At least,this is a good start for me to help those senior citizens even with a small contribution.

I upload some pictures during the celebration.6 days off but full with activities.I bet u guys also enjoyed your Raya as much as i did right?

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