Saturday, 26 October 2013

Premium Beautiful:My BFF's Testimony

Morning semua,

Pagi lagi olyn dah tak sabar nak update blog.Entry hari ni adalah tentang Premium Beautiful.Why Olyn teruja? 

Sebabnya one of my client aka my BFF yang dulunya besar dengan berat 98 kg, nak pakai PB but have no size. Yang boleh muat ketika olyn first fitting dia around bulan 2 tahun ini adalah Long Girdle.

First fitting: February 2013

She has problem at the tummy & thigh area.

For your information, PB ni custom made corset.As a consultant, olyn akan ukur dulu your body size & get the correct size for your body.This is very important so that you will feel confortable during wearing it plus to get the right body shaping process.

Learn more about PBKlik here

So, when first she get the PB, she is very happy. She wearing it consistently, 8 hours perday (our normal working hour) she manage to control her food intake, her metabolisme increase especially when wearing during work out time.
Latest photo on Hari Raya Aug 2013
And There she go..Proud of you babe!!

Premium Beautiful is a Superbrand 

Untuk yang berperut buncit, PB will do the magic & get your flat beautiful tummy:)

It is a must have corset for every women because PB not only for beauty but also promotes good Health!

I trust PB because me also a PB user for 7 years!!
Photo during my 7 months pregnancy. My weight during that time is 72kg

I still can maintain my body shape with just wearing PB. Olyn takut nak makan ubat2 kurus ni.PB sangat baik untuk kesihatan dalaman wanita.PB is a must have item after giving Birth

To get yours, call/whatsapp olyn 016 3542963

FREE consultation, body Fittings & TRIAL!!


Siti Azlina Osman

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