Friday, 20 December 2013

Beautiful Day with GLAM & Rizman Ruzaini

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as promised from the teaser post about Beautiful Day with GLAM, olyn share the full story about the event.

Bertempat di Vivatel Hotel,KL,7 December 2013, ia merupakan hari yang sangat special buat GLAMprenuers & actually olyn pun sangat excited.

Me & My biz partner, Nia Imawiyah before the event start

Me with my biz partner, Miza Fadli

Me with my biz partner from Seremban, Nurhafiza

Me ada tugas besar juga pada hari itu, jadi usherette bersama another GLAMprenuer, Airin.Yang seronok boleh dapat direct contact with Rizman Ruzaini as olyn sama2 bantu Rizman Ruzaini team di belakang stage.

Rizman & Ruzaini

Me & Ruzaini, at the backstage, waiting for the model to get dress

Me with Rizman, handsome kan dia sekarang

The models

Event ni adalah collaboration between Hai O & GLAM buat kami semua.We get full support from our HQ untuk sama2 menjayakan our beauty product event.

Before the event start, checking the seat arrangement & stage

Me with my Direct leader, DDM Norain Nizar

Yup this event Special for our High Demand Beauty Products :PB Elegance, BB Plus Collagen, Marine Essence product, Luminez Skincare, Cozuma & Bio Ever.

Highest demand Corset, Read More about it HERE

To read more about kelebihan pakai PB or what is PB, just klik here.

Cozuma Cosmetic Range

Luminez Skincare

ME beauty range

BB Plus Collagen, my secret for  beautiful younger skin gitu!!

We have PB Catwalk that day with both series of PB & also acara kemuncak adalah Fashion Show by Ruzman Ruzaini..Wooho!!

Rizman & Ruzaini

Tema Rizman Ruzaini untuk collection hari tu is like sofisticated & elegance.That day all of their Collection is Black.

The collection, cantik kan!!


Black is always the best for dress

Love all the designs

               Rizman Ruzaini's Team

My team yang hadir bergambar kenangan dengan Rizman & Ruzaini

Me & my biz partners, juga rebut peluang bergambar dengan team Rizman Ruzaini after the show.

My top leader, CDM Hanis Haizi with Rizman Ruzaini

Dekat backstage pun bergambar juga

GLAM with Rizman & Ruzaini. Read more about GLAM WHAT & WHY GLAM

Last sekali acara untuk hari tu ialah cabutan bertuah.Yang paling grand ialah Hadiah pakaian by Rizman Ruzaini worth RM2500.Best kannn!!

Alhamdulillah with this event sahaja membuktikan GLAM is the best group under Hai O.Pilihan tepat untuk olyn berbisness begitu juga korang tau.GLAM is stand for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, under the leading from 2 Dynamic Mentor, Marketing Strategist, CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain.

Boleh baca details about them & GLAM here.

Okla gals, me stop kat sini dulu.Lagi 10hari we will celebrate New Year 2014.

If you are looking for side income, just text/call me for business preview ok!

Tull meet at my next post, Love ya!!

Siti Azlina @ Olyn

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