Monday, 2 December 2013

Networking business through Social Media

Hola Igers!

Today' s entry sangat istimewa & olyn rasa topic ni dapat membantu para peninjau yang sedang tercari- cari peluang for business or side income.

Why networking business?

1)They already have a great & proven marketing plan which offer us a great opportunity to grow fast & gain big income.

2)The company itself is a well established company with a great product to offer.Unlike conventional business, we need to have a budget to create a flyers in order to market the product, find any certified body to test the product etc.But thru networking business, we just need to promote it.All the tests, advertisement materials are prepared by the company.

Phamplet PB

Antara testimoni dari pengguna PB

BVSM sleep mate-a must have item for every house

3)Fast growing.Since this is a networking business, everyone duplicate the same biz plan.We dont have to do try & error.

4)Everyone can achieve highest level.Unlike the normal job where only one bos at one time or per department, this business offer same opportunity to all of us to achieve higher.


5) Other great benefits are Big Bonuses up to 67%, FREE Overseas Trip 3x a year, Recognition award, Car Fund Elaun etc


with the help of Social media marketing,we can reach the consumer or peoples even faster.Not only in Malaysia, but we can offer to international market.It offers us a great opportunity to start business even doing it part time. Besides, all these tools are free.

GLAM expansion

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This can also be our side income.& it is proven that from side income later it can be a main income. 

Call/whatsapp me 016 3542963 for further details.We can have a coffee talk on how you want to generate 4-5 figure income per month & can retire young, retire rich.


Siti Azlina Osman

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