Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shining Stars Seminar 2014:Teaser

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Weekend la hari untuk family kan.Masa untuk kita spend time lebih dengan family, ada yang bawa  pergi mall, pergi zoo, etc.Same to me.Olyn bawa anak2 pergi lunch dulu then petang ke swim class diaorang pula.

Eh, ok2..actually olyn nak cite about seminar semalam.Bukan dengan my working company but with my GLAM biz.Seminar ni khas for new biz partner which is mainly for Sales Manager & Senior Sales Manager.

Objective: To teach them how to setting their journey in  biz, understand their goals to achieve through GLAM biz in one year time & also the continuous years.

This seminar was held at Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, Kota Kemuning.Senang nak cari this place even if you dont have Waze or GPS.

A million thanks for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia especially to Team Aces for organizing this seminar.Beside congratulation to all participants who sacrifice their Saturday & come to grab the knowledge which is a very important topic as a new GLAMprenuer.Tiada kejayaan tanpa ilmu ditimba.

Without knowledge also you will lost to find the success.Ilmu+Bertindak+Rujuk=Kejayaan

I am actually so excited to story more but since olyn dah nak keluar so olyn share dulu pictures masa seminar as a teaser ok.

Outfit of the Day

My outfit for yesterday.Yes, red & black is the official colour for Hai O.So any formal event, we will wear this theme colour.
Time to brush up our biz skill
Me & biz partners during the seminar.Together we learn more & improve our biz skills.

Congrats to my biz partners yang hadir to this seminar

Acara wajib lepas event
Apa yang best tentang seminar ni?

One day punya seminar but benefit a lot for my business & can generate big income for whole life.

Olyn akan cerita how seorang IT engineer ,seorang Banker & pengurus IT become fulltime GLAMprenuer & top leaders in GLAM.

Menarik kan! Nanti olyn cerita details in my next post ok.

Interested to be part of GLAM

Contact me olyn 0163542963

P/s:Olyn write this post using my phone only.Imagine how flexible & simple this business kan.But later me will adjust the picture punya position ok.

Siti Azlina Osman @ Olyn
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