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The Power of GLAM Biz Plan:2 hours & 2 years VS 20 years

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Since i am not sleepy yet, so its time to update my blog. Topic malam ni sangat special & hopefully membantu anda di luar sana yang sedang atau masih tercari-cari peluang untuk side income.

If you guys adalah my follower di Instagram or Facebook sure tahu yang earlier tonight olyn seperti biasa setiap Jumaat akan attend GLAM class.

This is my business card

Apakah itu GLAM class?

GLAM class adalah tempat berkumpul all GLAMprenuers untuk menuntut & menambah ilmu tentang product, ilmu bagaimana menjadi usahawan social media yang berjaya, Ilmu tentang grooming diri, ilmu time & money management, ilmu social media dan sebagainya.

CDM Shaliza Aziz, one of GLAM dedicated leader
CDM Shaliza Aziz in one of our slot in GLAM class, sharing the tips to be a successful GLAMprenuer.She already proved it within 2 years.

GLAM Co Founder, CDM Razali Zain

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We all came from different background of professions.

Class ni diadakan FREE, khas untuk GLAMprenuers sahaja & if you guys attend this GLAM class, you will surprised tengok GLAMprenuers yang muda usianya, dari awal 20an sehingga late 40s.

Lets be part of GLAM man juga!

Bukan itu sahaja, 80% daripada GLAMprenuers adalah terdiri daripada engineers,doctors, lecturers, architects etc yang buat secara part time.

Acara wajib ni.Ambil aura CDM Hanis Haizi
Picture of the Diamond Circle's team with CDM Hanis Haizi after GLAM Class

Sama seperti anda semua sekarang.Dan walaupun GLAMprenuers yang buat business secara part time but still manage to earn 4-5 figures income consistent every month.

Tak hairanlah walaupun GLAM baru 5 tahun under Hai O Marketing but we already have a solid branding whether  through online or offline.We produced the highest sales permonth, the highest qualifier  for FREE oversea trip each time & we well known with the professional business ethic.

How we do it? 

How those part timers successfully do this GLAM biz 

*can earn 4-5 figures income per month, *can qualify FREE Oversea Trip min 2x a year
*can have a CAR Fund in cash with min RM2000 permonth

We only need 2 hours per day & focus on GLAM business timeline in 2 years.

Our key of success: Duplicate & Consistent doing it.

With GLAM successfull secret recipe, it is worthwhile to be one of GLAMprenuers rather to wait for 20 years of working to have the money & time freedom.

Here i share with you, some of the pictures of GLAMprenuers with different background of professions.

Bekas IT Manager
This is co Founder of GLAM & ex IT Manager with 10 years working experience.He now earning 6 figure income per month.

Bekas pegawai bank
She is my leader,used to work as an Ex Banker. Now earning more than RM20k consistent per month.

Both are my leaders, always guide & coach me from my early start of GLAM biz

From left, she is my direct leader in this biz.She is my ex schoolmate & an engineer in oil & gas company.She also earning more than her salary now.

Siapa kata kerja di pelantar minyak pun tak boleh buat?
He is a Safety Engineer in Oil & Gas Company.He also one of GLAMman & we also refer him as a PB expert.

Masih muda tapi bukan alasan tak boleh buat
He is a teacher, one of GLAMleader who earning more than salary as a teacher.

I am aiming to be a work at home mom
Last but not least,me an Engineer in one of the leading construction company also set to have 5 figure in this year & i am doing it part time.

Why wait & still want to think?

Call/whatsapp me 01635429637 for more details explanation on 2 hours & 2 years strategy.

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