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5 Reasons Wearing Premium Beautiful During Hari Raya

Hye ladies..

another 9 days before Hari Raya. I am sure most of us already prepare the baju raya. For those who still not settle with the preparation, hye there are lot of vendeur festival this weekend  (19-20th July) like KL Raya Fest at PWTC or Femes Bazaar Super Raya at Tierra Crest Kelana Jaya. 

Or if you like to purchase online, quickly do shopping before 22nd July 2014 as that will be the last day stated by POS Malaysia to receive our parcel.

Orait.. lets come back to my purpose of entry today. I love to share this thru my experience as 7 years Premium Beautiful user & also from other users. 

Here, 5 reasons WHY you need to wear Premium Beautiful during Hari Raya.

1) To look beautifully in shape.

No matter what body shape you have, Premium Beautiful will make you look great in your Raya costume. Premium Beautiful helps to position those unwanted fat to your desired location & hold our body in place. Breast at their previous place ( oh yes! especially for breastfeeding moms, let uplift the breast. Say no to sagging breast), Butt in shape not look like a puncture tyre, fit & slim waist without the extra tyre around it and fit tummy ( so that peoples will not mistaken you are expecting new baby).

New series of Premium Beautiful, Elegance come with gray clour with more sexy lace

The function of Premium Beautiful elegance is to lock the fat at the desired location & to maintain the body shape.

Premium Beautiful can suits all sizes, it is a custom made corset which designed to follow individual sizes.

2) Premium Beautiful with Far Infrared Ray helps to improve blood circulation.

Smooth blood circulation promotes to healthy body & also beautiful skin. 

Premium Beautiful comes with 3 pieces, where every piece have their function for our health & beauty.

No matter what body shape you have, Premium Beautiful will make you look beautiful in shape.

3) To have a  good  & beautiful body posture

A good body posture helps you to reduce the possibility of back pain especially at the lower back. From the way we stand, sit or bend, all will give the impact to our back bone. So we need to take care our back from now. You will also look beautiful in shape or in whatever you wear when you have a good body posture.

It is important to have a good body posture.

Which body posture you have?

Having bad body posture also contribute to lower back pain
Plus, Premium Beautiful is recognized by American Chiropractic Association. During Raya, we will travel a lot. Sometimes you will have back pain when driving or sit in long hours. Prepare for it & love our back & body. Wear Premium Beautiful & feel yourself how comfort it is.

4) To help reduce the food intake.

Yup.. During Hari Raya, there will be a lot of rendang, satay, ketupat, kuah kacang, masak lodeh etc..They taste soooo sooo good.. Oh my! Ladies, please wear Premium Beautiful. With it, it helps you to take the food in a small portion in one time. You will eat less because you will quickly feel full. Eat moderate & frequent will helps to increase our body metabolisme plus Premium Beautiful will hold your body in place.So, you dont have to worry about increase your body inches or weight after Hari Raya.


Usually during Hari Raya, we will attend  many open houses.

5) For continuous self discipline in reducing your body weight

It always happen during Ramadhan, some of us or maybe all lose our body weight. Some peoples lose 2-3 kg , some maybe more. So, what happen after Ramadhan? Why some of us complaint that their body weight increase during Hari Raya. Wear Premium Beautiful. Get your own mould to help you to continue discipline in achieving your target for ideal body weight. Consistent wearing min 8 hours perday ( for example from morning when you go out for Hari Raya until you come back home at the evening) , you already have your slimming treatment on the go. It is safe, no need slimming pills, no diet plus no need to spend more for slimming centre.

And the best part, Premium Beautiful comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY!!

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So, call me now 016 354 2963 to get your Premium Beautiful!

Cash rebate up to RM 300 is waiting for you.

Love love love

Siti Azlina Osman
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