Thursday, 17 July 2014

Premium Beautiful Work out : Slim, Fit & Healthy

Hye... Hye..

Im so excited to share with you about this exercise. 

An exercise for those who wearing corset (like me!!).

But the woman inside the video only wear the corset for her waist. Pelik pula rasanya if pinggang terlalu kecil & tak seimbang dengan overall body shape.

Lets Imagine you do the workout with Premium Beautiful Corset. With Long Bra, Long Girdle complete with waist nipper, you get the full body intensive treatment. 

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With Premium Beautiful, it helps to maintain my body shape even now i am a mother of 2

With the Far Infrared Ray inside the Premium Beautiful, it will helps to increase metabolisme & burn more calories. Not only you will get slim waist but the effect also goes to your tummy, butt, thigh & helps also to make you look more radiance as Far Infrared Ray helps to improve blood circulation.

This is How Far Infrared Ray works?

Lets check out the video gals!
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