Saturday, 27 September 2014

Premium Beautiful: A Must Have Item When Travel

Hye all..

Happy Saturday!

Another 3 months left before 2015. Usually this is the time where most of people go for travelling. 

Here im going to share about my experience using Premium Beautiful & how it helps me a lot throughout the vacation.

This is definitely a must have item when you go for holiday.


a) It helps to support my back when im driving long distance or sitting for long hours in a flight.

b) It act as a body warmer when im travelling to cold weather countries ( My experience travelling to Europe ). The fabric made from aqudec & aquadyne which can suit with the weather, if the weather is hot, inside our cloth we feel soothing & comfort but when the weather is cold, inside we feel warm.

Me in Amsterdam

In Vienna

Switzerland, Jungfrau Mountain

In Prague

Shopping time..Milan!

Nice Venice, Italy

Thanks to Premium Beautiful, i carry my 18kg little girl on my shoulder during night show at Paris Disneyland.

Paris Disneyland

Hot weather..Holland!

Happy me in front of Eiffel Tower:)

My last year trip to Korea

My latest trip to Shanghai.

So, lets put Premium Beautiful in your travel list. A must have item that you need to bring along & wear during travel.

Love love love

Siti Azlina Osman

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