Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD)

Hi love..

I would like to write about HFMD since last week my little daughter have been infected. 

Did you all know & aware about HFMD?

HFMD usually occurs in children but it doesnt mean adults safe from it. It can easily been spread out when the patients coughing or sneezing or touch the blisters area & touch other peoples. 

Actually i didnt realised it since 2 days before the blisters came out on her hand & foot, she had an ulcers in her mouth. Typical me, i thought it because she did not drink enough water at school. Then, on Friday morning, she complained she feel hurt when she step her feet on the floor.Automatically i know something was wrong. I straight away bring her to Sunway Medical Hospital.

Result, the doctor said she had been infected & need to be quarantine at home. Some preventive actions need to be taken like separate her clothes from others during laundry, she cannot share her water or food with others, teach her to cover her mouth when she cough or sneeze, wash her hand after that etc. 

Besides the ulcers in her mouth & blisters on her hand & foot, she also down with fever. Until to date its already 8 days. I need to ensure that all the symptons gone before i can send her to school. Oh btw, she been infected at school. Her teacher told me that after i told her about Husna.Honestly , i feel disappointed but in the positive side, this is a wake up call for me to be more alert about my children' s condition. 

Alright love..Till meet again

Siti Azlina Osman

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