Monday, 13 October 2014

Hi Tea with Jovian Mandagie: Jovianistaclub

Hye love,

teruja ni nak update blog kali ini. Cerita tentang majlis Hi Tea with Jovian Mandagie pada hari Sabtu yang lepas. Majlis ini diaturkan oleh Jovianista Club, iaitu kelab peminat Jovian Mandagie.

Credit picture from @jovianistaclub

For your information, Jovianistaclub ditubuhkan oleh Pn Anom Keon. Bermulanya di Facebook, semakin hari jumlah pengikut semakin bertambah. You all can request to be one of the fan in that page ok. For Instagrammers, kindly add @jovianistaclub to follow the latest updates about jovianista.

My makeup that day by @zawaniabdulkadir
Three angels, me with my business partner @ainitalib & my leader in business @shalizaaziz

Our wefie with Mrs President for Jovianista Club, Mrs Anom Keon

Objektif penubuhan adalah merapatkan hubungan sesama peminat design Jovian Mandagie, bercerita tentang any update on sales, berkongsi picture peminat JMandagie bergaya dengan koleksi masing-masing, yang nak bertukar size pun ada tau..So, lets be part of Jovianistaclub if you gals love Jovian.Hehe..

Phewit..Catwalk by Shaliza Aziz

Majlis yang sangat santai & i bet everyone yang hadir sangat enjoy! Mana taknya ditambah dengan kehadiran Mr designer sendiri iaitu Mr Jovian Mandagie & Mrs Nina ( his super cute wife). I really adores both of them. Well, just look at the pictures during the event. Lets the pictures speak how enjoy all Jovianista that day.

Ok, ini yang paling mahal.Our wefie with Mr Jovian Mandagie & his wife Mrs Nina

CC picture from Jovianista Club. Table 4 rocksss!!

Me in one of the game during the event

Before the event getting hot, Mr Jovian gave his speech & the best part was when he announced for 50% discount for his collection that day. Special for us who attended the event

Ms Julia, Malaysian's actress also came to give the colour to the event

Lovely couple. Credit picture from Jovianistaclub

Hehe.. me also in one of the game, to doll up Mr Jovian with the toilet paper. Oh so sad, our group lose the game:(

Yeah, she won for the lucky draw ..dear, kindly introduce yourself again. Im so sorry that i forgot your name. ( One of my table buddies that day)

We love Jmandagie outfit!
Ok, here the part that will make you jealous. Our shopping time at Jovian Store after the event.

Normal things when buddies went shopping together right:)

Last but not least, my special thanks to Premoum Beautiful. Me feel more confident, my back do not feel pain when im wearing a 4 inch high heels anymore & love to see how it improves my body posture.

Till we meet again

Love Love

Siti Azlina Osman

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