Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bangkok Bombing: Sahajidah Haio Call Off Our Trip

Hello there..its been awhile i'm not updating this blog.

Tuntutan kerja yang banyak, ditambah masalah dengan urusan domain untuk blog olyn ni.

Tapi semua itu tidak menjadi masalah.

To start my writing, i want to share about our trip that have been cancelled due to Bangkok Bombing.

BANGKOK BOMBING, reported by Astro AWANI

A very schocking news, 20 people reported death (latest update) & dozen injured. It happened at Bangkok Erawan Shrine. To date, one suspect already arrested but 2 still free. 

The suspect

Salute to Sahajidah Haio for call off the trip for the sake of 800 participants's safety.They dare to lose RM2million spent in arranging the trip. 

Bangkok trip is my 4th Free Trip with Sahajidah Haio. It is our leisure trip after 4 months fighting for the trip challenge. 

Me wearing Thai costume during GLAM Leaders Are Made seminar

Whatever happen is for reason & i believed there is a better reward in future.

Now, we are focusing on our Osaka Trip. 
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Siti Azlina Osman

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