Monday, 25 January 2016

Retro Theme : Suncon Annual Dinner 2016

Hola.. Oh my!

It's been awhile not updating my blog.

But my 

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are updating everyday.Do follow my FB page & also Instagram ya.'s time for me to share about last 2 days' event. My company annual dinner with this time set a Retro theme. 

Woho..i'm actually preffered an Oscar Nite or something related with Hollywood Red Carpet.Hehe..chill Siti!

So, what i imagined in mind is fashion between 70s to 80s. With bootcut leg jeans, high heel, pantyhose with crazy colour, polkadot skirt etc.

Retro Fashion: credit from Google

After doing some research, i'm decided to wear the clothes that already in my wardrobe. Just mix & match to create the Retro look. 

I even learn from U tube on how to do a turban. 

So here the result of Mix & Match & i called it Retro like Siti..

Retro Fashion like Siti

My Make up from Cikqu. Boleh follow Instagram beliau  @cikqu


With my working colleagues & HOD 

My first  Turban. Gigih belajar dengan You Tube

With EX BRT project team

The night was awesome & i feel more confident because i'm wearing a Premium Beautiful inside my outfit.

Pelengkap gaya hari ini adalah Premium Beautiful Corset.

Not only help to give a beautiful body shape, but it also helps to support my back & reduce the pain as i'm wearing high heel.

So, if you are planning of attending any event, do get yourself Premium Beautiful. 

Whatsapp me 016 3542963 for Special Price & gift. 

Siti Azlina Osman

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